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Another school year soon to begin and tons of memories to create. These are the moments that we all cherish as an adult and the moments that we can never get back. We'd like to wish all the El Paso kids & teens the best in the upcoming school year. To make things start off on the right foot... we will be having the first back to school fashion show at Cielo VIsta Mall on Sunday, August 10th. Details on the calendar.


Always on the look out for more. It was only a matter time before our modeling division reached a new level. It has been 7 years in the making of a brand such as LAT Studio & Latin American Talent (promotional agency)... and so many great things have been produced, created, cultivated and much more! We introduce to you the new modeling program and division; HALO MODELS!


Youth Models

Modeling has become launching platform for many Hollywood stars. It is a trait that is developed with continuous on-stage & on-camera experiences. Our new modeling program provides an extensive curriculum which also offers many opportunities to be on the catwalk and in front of cameras. Call today to book your first free appointment!

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