Megan Zubia

W Hip Hop 1 Instructor

Megan Zubia has danced many styles such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, and heels. After being a cheerleader for 4 years, she discovered her passion for dance. Although her love for dance was always present, she hadn’t considered joining a studio until 2019, where she danced for a dance studio called ATX. Performing at expos and eventually competing brought a feeling like no other, her dance journey couldn’t stop there. Megan later went on to join a heels team under the direction of Carla Santos at New Horizons Dance Academy. Megan attended competitions such as World of dance, and El Paso’s famous Sun City Dance Classic. Shortly after she attended heels dance classes at Dansa Jazz. Megan became our Hip Hop instructor for LAT Studio in early August, where she now teaches Hip-Hop 1 at our West location.