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Kids Artistic

Kids Artistic is designed specifically for kids ages 5-8 to help build character while learning the basics of modeling, acting and dance. It is a foundation for talented “tots” in a safe and fun environment. It builds confidence by parading the MODEL RUNWAY and prepares them for real events. The course also includes the exercise of the ACTING method with various games that enable subtle learning. Kids also discover their ability to make different body shapes known as the building blocks of DANCE form. This type of creative movement also helps them understand the essence of 8 counts to learn dance patterns. Their training goes beyond the studio and applied to real exposure such as fashion shows, TV hosting, film roles and castings. With such a complete program, LAT hopes to find the next big star within the pool of talented individuals.

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Our division of modeling synthesizes traits, attitude, and personality to build character on each individual. The structure of the curriculum allows us to create courses for specific age groups, which facilitates a more coherent development of a model.

The modeling program provides training in both commercial and fashion modeling. The curriculum has been designed to explore many aspects of the industry, as well as, providing student models with monthly production opportunities. Students learn to parade the catwalk with style, learn to work the cameras and become a prospect for commercials work. As part of the curriculum, models also learn the skills required to execute in casting calls by using “effective speech,” “cold reading,” “projection,” and many other techniques.

Models will gain the confidence and learn to be extremely charismatic. Both females and males are welcome to enroll in the modeling division and don’t require any experience.

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LAT Studio is proud to offer an extraordinary Acting for Film course. Unlike any other actor-training program in the region, it is a cutting-edge exploration into the art and practice of acting for the screen. The program concentrates on building a foundation in the craft of acting, using training techniques rooted in the theatre, but applicable to screen acting. Its curriculum introduces the “Method” (pioneered by K. Stanislavski) and the “Meisner Technique” (by S. Meisner), as well as, reviewing other masters of the craft.

Other content of the curriculum dwells on finding the actor within while simultaneously training their instrument to do the kind of technical, emotional, and physical work necessary for film acting. The program intensifies as they begin to apply the techniques to more elaborate scene work, on-camera exercises and film shoots – all designed to develop and hone their screen acting ability.

Only 15 student openings per semester.

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