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Modeling Video Gallery

February 2022

Franklin Mountain State Park, El Paso, TX

During this February 2022 Pro-Day.. In the rocky terrain of the Franklin Mountain State Park, our Halo models were challenged with wearing chic fashion and striking a pose in the mountain scenery. Great work ladies! We hope you enjoy a little of the behind the scenes footage! Check out the photos here!

December 2021

Clint, TX

During the December 2021 Pro-Day.. On the railroads of rural Clint, Texas, our Halo Models were challenged with a "Railroad Junky" concept in which they had to prepare for months in advance with their wardrobe choices. This Pro-Day is different because it was about conveying a character for a video shoot. Great work ladies & gents!

December 2019

Clint, TX

During the December 2019 Pro-Day.. On the rural farms of Clint, Texas, our Halo Models were challenged with a "Winter Gastby" concept. Bringing it back to 1920s, our models kept it classy and modern.

November 2018

El Paso, TX

Our Halo Models had the amazing opportunity in walking for El Paso Fashion Week 2018. Showcasing pieces from local boutiques to national chains, our models strut their walk. The origins of Texas and the wild wild west. Uncommon indeed but yet fun to watch so much diversity in one city. Saddle up cowboy!


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July 2016

El Paso, TX

During the July 2016 Pro-Day.. On set at LAT Studio, our Halo Models were challenged with a "Fruit Juice Fantasy" concept. Keeping it simple, our models showcased their beauty with conceptual fruit based make-up looks. Creating fun and editorial looks, our models knocked it out!

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