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Mildred Estrada

E Hip Hop 1 Instructor

Mildred Estrada is a currently attending the University of Texas at El Paso, focusing on Business International Marketing. Modeling, acting, and dancing are her top three talents and joyful hobbies to do. When she was 7 she decided to start her artistic career and played many roles in a musical theater, located in Mexico. She has been dancing for 16 years, experiencing different dance styles such as ballet, Hip-Hop, contemporary, jazz/funk, belly dancing, bachata, salsa and aerial dance. Her acceptance to attend the new school, Young Women’s Leadership Academy for her seventh year, made her discover and develop her leadership skills and started a dance team which is now called Legacy Dance Team. Dance has always been her passion and way to escape from the real world. Her favorite style of dance is Hip-Hop and has been teaching it for 6 years. At 16, she underwent an open heart procedure due to a heart condition she had since she was born. Although the healing process was difficult and very challenging, she never gave up and went back to her dance life as soon as she healed. Now she is a part of the LAT family as a Hip-Hop 1 instructor, Baby Rockettes instructor, and a member of the LAT Senior Dance team.

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