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Samantha Galarza

W Hip Hop Instructor

Samantha's dance career began with Ballet. Once she turned 5, she continued to learn in new genres, such as Contemporary and Hip Hop. She then joined LAT at age 11 and took Hip Hop for two years. When she reached high school, she joined the Franklin Dance Department under the direction of Rebekah Munoz. Later, she joined the Franklin Silver Starz drill team under the direction of Alyssa Donnelly. Throughout her time in high school, she stayed in the Dance Department and created many choreography for her school's recitals. This experience helped her grow as a dancer. She's well-trained in styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, and Ballet, however her specialty and love for dance starts with Hip Hop. She grew up with a family of dancers which sparked her love for dance. She dreams to be a professional dancer for the NBA.

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