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Ivan Marquez

E Hip Hop 2 & 3 Instructor

Ivan Marquez, a Mexican / American El Paso Native was born with a speech impediment and started dancing at a young age as a means to communicate and express himself. Coming from a Mexican and Puerto Rican background, he was first introduced to Salsa and other Latin ballroom styles of dance before discovering the world and his love for the style of Hip-Hop. In 2006 he joined his first performing arts studio, Step It Up Dance Studio, and immediately found his untapped potential and leadership characteristics. Fast forward to 2010, after graduating high school, he moved to San Antonio and pursued a further education at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he joined "Unified Soul", a promotional competition hip-hop team out of Semenya Dance Studio. He returned to his hometown of El Paso in 2012 where he then joined Cause Revolution, a hip-hop competitive team, propelling and elevating his dance career in the hip-hop style to the next level. Since then, he has traveled across the country training and teaching at various studios as well as competing in numerous national hip-hop dance competition. He continues to develop his style and train in the El Paso, Los Angeles and Houston areas to adequately prepare the next generation of hip-hop dancers to come. Ivan has contributed greatly in his 5 years with LAT Studio and now teaches Hip-Hop 2 & 3 at our East location.

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