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Abigail Schull

E Teams & Contemporary

Abigail Schull has been dancing since for 16
years. She began with hip hop and then
slowly found her passion for lyrical and
contemporary. During her time at NHDA, she competed locally in Sun City and won the Grand Championship
in 2018. She also competed out of town and 2KARS, The Pulse, and World of Dance. Abigail is currently attending UTEP to obtain her Bachelor's degree in order to be a Dance teacher. During her first year, she was awarded a dance scholarship. Throughout her time at UTEP she learned from various professor including Valeria Valleto of Valleto Dance Company. Abigail has participated in the UTEP Fall Dance shows and also joined Valleto Dance. She is currently in her last semester at UTEP and is hopeful that after graduation will be able to obtain a teaching position to continue and share her passion for dancing.

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